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Heron Graphic
Sherman Lake and the SLWA
The Sherman Lake & Watershed Association (SLWA) is dedicated to preserving the beauty and quality of Sherman Lake, a 160 acre lake in Southwest Michigan.
Sherman Lake is home to nearly one hundred homeowners, the Sherman Lake YMCA Camp and Outdoor Center and lots of native birds and wildlife including the Great Blue Heron gracing the mast-head of our website.
Like many lakes in the area, Sherman Lake was formed nearly 13,000 years ago as a result of glacial activity during the last ice age. Maximum depth is 36 feet on the North end of the lake. 
Nearly 30% of the shoreline is natural and undeveloped under the stewardship of the Sherman Lake YMCA Camp providing a beautiful and peaceful setting for the residents and wildlife that call Sherman Lake their home.
Lake Management Efforts
Lake Management has become a necessity over the past several years with the spread of invasive species, such as Eurasion Water Milfoil.
The SLWA has stepped up its efforts to protect the lake and is actively engaged in exploring root cause solutions to the increasing challenges of excessive nutrient loading and weed and water quality management.
This website is desiged to help keep SLWA members informed and to reach out to other lake associations to share insights and ideas for preserving the beauty of our inland lakes for many generations to come.
Use the menu at the left to browse this site. Contact us via email if you have questions or would like to get involved.
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Sherman Lake Fact Sheet
Location:                 Kalamazoo County
                                Michigan, USA
Surface Area:          161 Acres
Type Of Lake:          Natural Kettle
Maximum Depth:     35 Feet
Mean Depth:            15.2 Feet
Lake Volume:          2554 Acre Feet
Watershed Area:     565 Acres
Watershed to Lake
Ratio:                       3.37
Flushing Rate:         3.62 Years
Elevation:                861 Feet
Hydrology:               Closed Basin, Spring Fed
Trophic Index:         Mesotrophic (2006)
(click on map for larger image)
Sherman Lake Map & Information
Freeze/Thaw Data (Last 5 Years)


Freeze Date

Thaw Date


Jan. 20

Apr. 1


Jan. 17

Mar. 22



Feb. 4


Dec. 8

Apr. 1


Dec. 20

Mar. 23


For more extensive freeze/thaw data back to 1959, click here.

Hydrology of Sherman Lake
Sherman Lake benefits from a small watershed and a unique relationship to a large underground aquifer - the Sherman Lake Aquifer.
Historically, these characteristics have provided Sherman Lake with some protection from excessive nutrient loading and may have positive implications for our lake management efforts.
For a more in-depth look at the hydrology of Sherman Lake click below:
Hydrology Study
Four Townships Water Resources Council Environmental Carrying Capacity Study
Four Townships Water Resources Council Recreational Carrying Capacity Study